First Tri

On Sunday, I competed in my first triathlon ever!

It was held on the Eastern Shore of Maryland, south of Salisbury. Compared to all of our Sunday’s of training for the past month, the weather was beautiful! The water was warm, (relatively) and we were three of six people who did not wear wet-suits for the swim part. People seemed to think we were very brave for not wearing one, but it wasn’t cold enough to need it.


Myself, Bri, and Kacey before the race began.

It was also my first open-water swim, so I was not prepared for how big the waves actually were, and how hard it was to swim against them. Going around the buoy put the waves in my favor though, and it was a bit easier going back to shore.


We had not gotten to do a true practice run of the whole length of the race, so by this point, even though I am smiling, I was almost dead.

I am very happy though that I did this. I am going to keep training, and maybe do some more in the future. (Although it might be a while before I actually attempt it)

0 thoughts on “First Tri

  1. Awesome!!! Congratulations Steph!! I pipe dream about doing a triathalon, but really, I am scared of the swimming thing. Kudos to you, this is so great 🙂


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