Top Unread Books

There is a meme going around that lists the top 106 books most often marked unread on LibraryThing. I saw it in a post by another Steph. My first reaction to her title was, “Great! Finally a meme that shows off my most awesome talent of procrastination!” Then, as I started to read, glanced at the list, and noticed that the first two are books I am currently working on (In fact, they are the two books specifically named by title on my 101 things page).

I don’t really want to play, but I thought it would be interesting to see how many of these I actually read. So I counted. (If you want to play, you can get them meme from the link to the other Steph’s page above)

18 read.

4 started, but not finished.

I think that there must be at least 50 of them on my bookshelf. Maybe some day I will get to more of them.

0 thoughts on “Top Unread Books

  1. I saw it on Steph’s blog, too. I’ve read 40 of them in their entirety (I cannot leave a book half-read, no matter how awful.) But I read nearly all of those before I had kids, and before the whole knitting obsession kicked in.


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