A new fiber craft arrives at my house…

I have received a loom by swapping yarn with nova last week, and I have been playing with a new fiber obsession since.


It doesn’t take much to set up, just turn a few screws to tighten it and you’re done.


(i think that there should be a mattress here, it would make a nice bed)

If you have been reading for a while, you might remember my indecision over my attempt at a Chevron Scarf. I liked the thought of the colors together, but I did not like  the way they were knitting up.


So I ripped it out,…


And I wound it back up, cut some warp threads from it, and started weaving.


Isn’t it amazing how different it looks compared to the knitted fabric?! I like the look of the woven pattern much better. I also like that it isn’t a lot of work to get the plaid pattern.


So now I’m a weaver too!

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