How big will it get??

What have I been doing for the past few days? Why, untangling yarn, my favorite pastime!


Jess bought this yarn, about a pound, at sheep and wool. (She has obviously been overdosing on wool fumes, due the happy smile on her face when faced with such a tangle) She tried to untangle it while it was still in a skein, but it ended up tangled to this extent. She blames her husband because he ‘helped’. The ball in her hand? Now at least over half as big as her head. Jess is hopeful that this will come out all in one piece so she can see how big the ball will be (as big as her head is her estimate). We even sucked in a student during the unraveling process. Hopefully contact with lanolin will convert said student to the dark side!

(P.S. When I told Jess that it needed to be re-skeined, washed, and rewound, due to the oversaturation of dye and the sheepy smell, she was only slightly disheartened. OBVIOUSLY delusional from fumes)

3 thoughts on “How big will it get??

  1. I shall not be swayed from my task! Look at my blog tonight – I’m going to post yesterday’s progress photos. The end is near!!!


  2. It is almost finished, though it seems to be getting more difficult now that it is so close to the end. In answer to Susanne V., yes, yes, yes I am!!! :O) I want one big skein so I don’t have to weave in ends when I’m working with it. I realize this makes it harder to deal with, especially in the skeining and washing and reskeining phase, but I’m willing to sacrifice portions of my sanity to get one big ball of yarn to make my shawl out of. Woo hoo!


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