Gifting Friday

Today was a day of gift- giving for me.

First, my friend Kacey had a birthday a few weeks ago, but it was right at the time of our race, so there were other matters I was occupied with. Today I rectified this matter.


I made her this dishcloth, which is my first entrelac-type project. I gave her a ball band dish cloth that is in the same colors as well. I also made her chocolate cake.


I love the garterlac. It is visually interesting while still being useful. The colors are much more bright than this picture, but I don’t have any sunlight to work with at 5:30 on a rainy day.

Today I also gave my friend Tim his baby bag that he commissioned from me.




Again, the light wasn’t good, and my flash was too strong. I sewed it using Butterick pattern 4560. This pattern is great, with lots of pockets. But by the time you are almost finished and you need to edge-stitch the rim of the bag, the material, batting, snaps, clasps, and fleece make it very heavy and hard to maneuver. Tim really loves his bag, as you can tell. He picked out the fabric and notions by himself. We stuffed it with baby things and gave him cake too.


All in all, a very happy gift day.

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