What I have been up to

I haven’t really been knitting, sewing, or weaving much since last week. I worked on my shawl for about 4 rows (so it doesn’t look much different) and I worked on my second zombie sock for about 6 rows (not much difference there either. I wove about 4 inches (still looks the same).I also cast on 20 of 142 of the second side of my shorts, then stopped (not very interesting to look at, plus kinda pathetic!).

What I have accomplished (aside from my muddy slide down a hill) is to add 7 patterns to my Ravelry queue, bringing my running total up to 226 (oh wait. have you seen brambler by Anne? added to the queue just now…227.) I have not bought any yarn since MDS&W, (although with the new L&V podcast release, I am not sure how long I am going to hold out. Note to Ms. V and Carin; you two are bad for my budget! I think the only way I did not buy yarn for 3 months was that you didn’t release a podcast!) I found a cool crochet pattern that I have asked my friend Jess to make for me, you can find it here. And, I made these…




I painted some sets of onesies, which I will be posting in my shop when I get better pictures. I made a set at the request of my sister, then made the rest since I was working on them to begin with. Not too bad for one weekend.

0 thoughts on “What I have been up to

  1. Those little onesies are adorable- I haven’t bought yarn since MDSW but I did slip at scouts swag when I saw the Laguna Namaste bag that I didn’t win at the Ravelry party!


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