Before I leave you

I had a problem last week.


I fell down…


…at the blue moon site.


See, they have such pretty colors! And I have a few skeins, but have never knit with it. Plus, people keep talking about the yarn they are currently knitting, and how much they love STR. So I decided to get me some more. Because I’m going away, to the wilds of West Virginia, and I needed more sock yarn. (No, I don’t know the bin you are talking about. You say it’s in the closet? I have no clue, never seen it)

I also forgot to share some other yarn I got recently.


It’s Cascade 220. The colors are deeper than the picture. They are for a geeky sweater for my husband. I want to make a sweater with binary code like Adam did. Believe me, Davis is very excited about this.

I’ll start on it soon. When all my sock yarn is knit up!


  1. Jess

    Ooh, pretty. I especially like the 2nd and 3rd ones in from the left. Surprise, surprise. 🙂

    Have fun in wild, wonderful West Virginia (if you ever get there)!


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