First Weeks of Summer Vacation

So I have been out of school for about two weeks, and I am finally getting into the fact that I do not have to teach teenagers for a while! I have recuperated from the lack of sleep and stress of the end of the semester, and have begun my enjoyment of time for me!

First I went to WV for a week and spent time at my parents’ ‘shack’ in the woods.


Nice for a shack, huh?! :o)

My friend Melissa and I spent the week hiking, biking, reading, watching movies, cooking/eating, and just plain chillin’. It was beautiful up there. Smells great too.


One of the places that we hiked to was the top of Seneca Rocks.


Strenuous hiking, (1000 feet in about 1.5 miles) but the view was great!




(That’s our car down there. Can you see it?)

I did a bunch of knitting while I was there as well. I finished my zombie socks…



…I wasn’t thrilled about the pattern at first, but it grew on me and I like them! (Who doesn’t like hand-knit socks?!)

And cast on for two other socks. I have been wanting a pair of monkey socks since I knit some for my Sockapalooza pal last summer, so I started some in green Trekking once I finished my zombies.


I was also feeling a little guilty about all of the STR I purchased recently, especially since I have yet to knit with the stuff, I started another pair in medium-weight, colorway Footsy Foo.


Sock in progress is being modeled by a beer bottle from my hubby’s beer-o-the-month club. (Present for being in a friend’s wedding) The pattern is a 5-stitch pattern from Sensational Knitted socks. I should have added another repeat, as these are very snug. Notice that both socks are green… not on purpose.

Since I got back I have been knitting, cooking, and spending time with friends and family. I picked some rhubarb and peas on Sat. I got home a little after two, and it took me until 5 to shell, chop, and bag my haul.



Look! More green!

I am also working on getting my gardens in shape. I bought some plants to put in the front beds, but first, I need to clean them out. The weeds have taken over.


Today I stole some wheat from a farmer nearby and separated the chaff from my handful. I used it in a salad later.


I am also starting my work for my sisters wedding. I have a bunch to do. I got some of it done today, but not all of it. I’m going to be busy doing that, but not too busy to do my own knitting! In fact, I have another FO to show off tomorrow!

Have a great day!

0 thoughts on “First Weeks of Summer Vacation

  1. What a great productive summer so far! The next time you visit, perhaps you’ll get to see Dolly Sods. Going up there is like landing on another planet. And isn’t it grand not to be teaching?


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