Sorry, I lied :o(

I said I would post this a few days ago, but I was lazy things came up.

I finished another one of my 101 goals! A friend of mine gave me some yarn a few months ago. I’m not sure who she got it from, I think it was at the market she works at on Saturdays in Baltimore. It is produced by Minka Fair Trade, which I don’t know more about than the link will tell you.


It is a handspun undyed wild cotton from Peru. I did find a place that sells it online here. The yarn is thick and thin, and reminds me of popcorn, in both the color and the texture. I really like the feel of this yarn, and since it was only 50g, I thought I would make a calorimetry from it.


I love the yarn, and that I made this very quickly! (it only took about 5 hours, maybe less) I was worried about how the cotton would work in this pattern for this use, but it is not as stretchy as a wool would probably be, but it still contours to the shape of your head. I would probably knit fewer rows than I did (I already had knit less than the pattern called for) and definitely use a different bind off, since the one I used is not very stretchy, so I would wear that edge towards the front of my head.



Still looks cute and would be good for mildly cold weather! (by the way, it is hard to get good shots of your own head.)

new glasses

And I got new glasses yesterday! I like them!

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