Sit and Knit

Our knit/crochet/weaving/fiber group met yesterday, although only knitting was happening. (Maybe a bit of Second Life showing as well.) It is always good to see my friends there, especially since I feel I don’t get to see them often enough.

This time I took some yarn to destash and some books to pass on. I got to bring home some goodies this time as well.


This is 8oz of BFL fiber for me to spin! I am excited, because I love that is it natural and I also love the fact that it is sooo soft! I think I’m going to save this one until I get a wheel though, because my drop spindle takes too long. Thanks again, Suz!

0 thoughts on “Sit and Knit

  1. Look at you, posting like a crazy person!

    Okay, so here’s knitting question #1: If I make this blanket into a patchwork-style contraption, can I knit a border all around it?


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