Fraternal Twins

I finished two socks!


But they don’t match.


One is the first of my beaded rib sock, made from STR Footzey Foo medium-weight. Since I have been knitting socks with smaller yarns, this makes the sock knitting go super fast! I love them, and am already half way through the second one.


The other is a monkey, made from Trekking XXL. I love this one, too! The green is a very popular color around here right now, obviously. I have not cast on for the second one yet because of the knitting on the first one (see above) and other knitting projects.

I have made the decision not to cast on anything new until I finish all UFO’s. I have about five, including the socks. So I have been knitting on the second side of my shorts I started a long while ago.

The pattern is Ms. Green from Knit Scene, in case you have forgotten. I love them still, I just got sidetracked in the making. It takes a bit to get to the end of each row (what with 120+ stitches on the needle) so right now it doesn’t seem to be going as fast as I would like it.

You would think that with all the time I have not working right now I could get way more accomplished during one day. Too bad there are other things I want to do as well! Maybe I should pare down my crafty endeavors so that I can focus more time on one craft at a time?



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