Noro Problems

I already owned 3 balls of Noro, one of a pink/purple silk garden, which I want to use for a one-skein type of project, and two of a blue/green/gold kureyon. I wanted to make one of the scarves that is so popular, (this one) and I bought 4 more at a sale at Webs a bit longer than a week ago. Unfortunately, I did not check the color before my purchase, and when I pulled what I had out of the stash, the ones I bought were the same colors as the ones I already had.


Now, what do I do with 6 balls of Noro?

I could make a Log Cabin Blanket (Rav link) with them. I saw a pretty one someone did in a different colorway, but they used 8 balls to make a 40 inch square. Would 6 be too little? I could order two more, but do I need to?

I could also make 2 booga bags. Or one booga bag and something else. It only takes 3 balls.

Or even this bag, but again I would have to buy 1-2 more balls of yarn.

I could make one scarf I was planning on (either the pattern above or another one) with four of the balls, then use the other two with another two I find down the line.

I could also use a small amount to make a sweater-bootie set for a baby. That would only use 1-2 balls.

In fact there are lots of ideas for individual balls of yarn or parts of a ball, such as a fake-isle hat, or a calorimetry, or for part of a fair-isle mitten pattern.

Too many decisions.

What are your thoughts on this? I would like to hear how you would ‘spend’ your Noro. I’m not casting on any new projects right now anyway, remember? So there’s time to put your 2-cents in!

0 thoughts on “Noro Problems

  1. Well you could do all sorts of things with it. You could slowly collect skeins and do a Lizard Ridge afghan. Booga bags are nice. I made several a few years ago and have given them away as presents. I understand they make great lunch bags.

    And I could give you my Silk Garden and you could make a sweater out of it. I bought it to make a sweater and never did. I was thinking a Lady Eleanor wrap instead. But if you want to do a trade, we can. I was thinking of making felted slippers out of Noro. There is a pattern for felted slippers in a early Knitty.


  2. I think you should make the sweater/booties set, b/c it’s way cute and those are original colors for a baby item. And the shawl idea would be cool, too; could you use 4 balls to make a shawl? Or that cool scarf you listed at the start of your post – love the way the color works out. 🙂



  3. I would not make a baby item with Kureyon. I know I may be speaking heresy here, but you could scrub your oven with Kureyon. It is one of the scratchiest yarns I have ever felt. I think a bag, or maybe a blanket, but nothing that has to go next to the skin, including a scarf. Makes me itch just thinking about it. Just my two cents!


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