Felted Objects are Larger Than They Appear

So here is what I did with the sweaters I felted. I made some bags.


This one is my favorite, it is so soft. I want to keep it for myself, although I don’t know if I would use it very often.


This one is the most detailed, I think. The corners ended up being angled, and the clasp is great!


I had wanted to find a tip like they have at the ends of belts, and put a snap underneath it, but I couldn’t find one. So I settled for this frog closure, which is softer and probably goes better with the bag.


This one is pretty simple, but the pocket is deceptively big. And just so you don’t think I only had red bags made,


This one I gave to my friend Jess. I made an i-cord handle, felted it, and then put it through the eyelets I made.

I am going to use the scraps I have left to make some other things that I will post later.

I went with Jess to get more sweaters too, so I can make more. This time I found some cool patterns that I can use.


The one at the top is hand-knit. I would keep it and appreciate it if it weren’t for the wing-like sleeves. And notice how they are predominantly not red?! I will use pillowcases this time so I don’t mess up my machine when felting. I also found a sweater for me to keep as is, not even worn yet! The best part is, the sweater is part cashmere, so it is soft! And this cute head scarf I found, I think I am going to make more like it.


I haven’t been doing much knitting, only on my shorts which are growing slowly. I have been doing some sewing, one of which is this dress I made for Jess’ daughter.


It was supposed to be super easy and quick, and it looks adorable on her. I made it without a pattern, and the shoulder straps are a little long, but that is easily remedied. I kept having problems with the functioning of my brain, and it took me much longer due to the amount of times I had to rip out stitches. At least it is done now!

0 thoughts on “Felted Objects are Larger Than They Appear

  1. Those bags all turned out awesome! I am, of course, partial to my own. 🙂

    As soon as I find the cord to my camera, I’m going to post a pic on my blog of Jilly wearing her dress. Of course she just HAD to put it on for our trip to Florida, and it looked SO CUTE on her!

    Thanks again!!!!



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