Tour de France Update

If you didn’t know, I’m participating in the Tour de France knit-along.


I decided to change my project. I am now going to be completing my Ms. Brown shorts that I started over a year ago (April, 2007 to be more exact).  I had one leg finished at the beginning of the tour, but did not get started on the second leg until last week. It is not a super challenging project, but I just didn’t have the motivation to start it. I had to re-swatch to figure out what needle sizes I needed. Now I am almost half-way through the second leg. I’m sure I can finish these by the end of the Tour, and have time to still enjoy them this summer!


So far the knitting is mostly stockinette with a small bit of garter stitch and a few decreases. Not that it is going to change too much before I get to the sewing-up stage of construction.

I also learned something new today about my shorts – my butt is as big as a cat!


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