Simple Sewing

I have to make a dress for my sister’s wedding rehearsal.

I would have bought one, but none of them fit well. So I decided I would make one instead.

Since I have been sewing for a few months now, I am more confident in my abilities to work my machine. I have not made anything fitted however, and dresses in particular require figuring out how to combine the top and bottom in different sizes for the same dress. So I thought I would start with something simple, and decided to make this top, from Simplicity (3835). I have seen a few people sewing it, and thought that it would be cute, and I could make a bunch of them in different designs to supplement my wardrobe.


It fits great! One thing I love about sewing is the fact that you can customize any pattern to fit you. That means hems are not too long for people who are petite, necklines are not too long, and sleeves fit comfortably.

This top is pretty bright, but I have a cute white skirt I think it will go well with. Hopefully I get to wear it soon!

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