Shop Update and Etsy Love!

I have updated my shop in the past few days with some of the bags I made, and some onesie sets. I am working on making more bags and such, plus there are always ideas in my head! Check out Gyrfalcon Designs if you are interested!


It has also been a while since I posted cool things I found on Etsy. So here are some things that I have found recently that I love! (click the pictures to go to the listings)

There is this pendant that is gorgeous, made by Jeunebugs! (Actually, she makes a lot of beautiful leaves in these and other metals)


This pendant is simple yet fanciful, very much fits my personality. From Bijoujuju


I love this necklace that holds the molecules of creativity from MolecularMuse


ElectricBoogaloo has great stuff for kids. I love these flash cards!


And for fiber people, this roving by GirlontheRocks would make some pretty yarn, would it not?


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