A Night With the O's

Last night was Stitch n’ Pitch at Camden Yards. Davis and I went. It has been a while (over two years) since we have gone to a baseball game, much less an Orioles game. Our seats were good, being that it started at over 90 degrees, we were second row from the top of the stadium, so we got a good breeze for the night. Davis had fun.


See how much fun he had? (And see, I wasn’t kidding about being at the top of the nosebleed section!)

There were a bunch of other knitters, but most were pretty far away. I did talk to a few nearby. I also saw some great patterns being knit.


And of course there was a game going on. It was a pretty good game, too!


At first it looked like Detroit was going to kick some bird butt, however the O’s responded and kept pace with the Tigers. It even went into overtime, with the O’s winning 11-10! Go O’s!

During the game I knit on my mismatched mates to my fraternal socks. Want to know how much sock you can knit during a game?


This much. It doesn’t look like much does it? 2.5 hours of knitting, and I got 1680 stitches done. Seems like a lot more when put in those terms, doesn’t it?

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