Crack in the Kitchen

I had a craving for cinnamon rolls yesterday. Everything was going good until I got to the glaze. I didn’t have any powdered sugar, and you can’t have glaze without powdered sugar, and you just can’t have cinnamon rolls without a glaze! I thought maybe I could substitute something, so I searched Google and I found this site.

And a few moments later…


No, it really isn’t an illegal substance.


You use the blender to take granulated sugar and cornstarch, process it a bit, and you get powdered sugar! I would recommend that you don’t process it too much because the blades heat up and you don’t want a burnt taste to your sugar.


And the rolls came out great! Davis loves them so, so, much!

Today I also got a bunch of veggies from my local CSA (aka – mom’s garden). I also got some flowers!


It is so pretty, with all of the colors coming out of the garden this time of year. Thanks mom!


Plus, our first corn of the year for dinner tonight! It was great! I think I’ll make some fresh baked bread tomorrow. What’s cooking in your kitchen?

0 thoughts on “Crack in the Kitchen

  1. I really want to join your CSA. Are there any openings? I love the purple beans.

    And did you do a yeast based recipe? They are the best. I love them but my butt doesn’t. I really miss Cinna-bon!!!!


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