Yesterday I had some time that I got to spend with my friend Jess. I was happy, yet sad. You see, Jess is leaving me.

She got a job in Florida, and I totally understand that she needs to do this for her family and herself, and she will still talk to me via our blogs and email, (which we already talk to each other at least once a day most days, if not more!) so we won’t be disconnected.

So yesterday, she brought me my birthday gift, since she won’t be here.

She gave me a bag that is crochet and bobbled (I don’t know the pattern)


And a crochet Julie Cuff! (non-ravelry link)


I love them both! Tomorrow I will be going to see Jess for the last-time-in-person-for-a-long-time. It’s not goodbye, but see you for now!

Today I also went out to lunch with my MIL, and we ate at this cafe she knew about in Frederick (I don’t remember the name), and it was very good. I had a baked tofu sandwich (good people, not bad, good!) and they also have awesome humus! They have a bunch of teas and coffees as well as a happy hour. Then we went to a crafty boutique, which gave me a few ideas about things I could make. I will not be putting any more items in my store for a few weeks, because my sister is getting married very soon, and I am still sewing napkins!

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