Finish Line In Sight

I have finished my shorts! I have seemed up the legs and have picked up the stitches for the waist band.I picked up the stitches around the top for the waist band over the weekend.


It didn’t take long to knit the band and whip-stitch it in place. I did have to add a few more rows to get the length right, even after I knit what the pattern said.


This picture is the closest in color.

Then on Tues, I made a trip to the store to get the elastic. Now, I have a new pair of shorts to enjoy!


They are a bit bulky between the legs, but not so much that it would make me not wear them. They are very comfortable, even if they make my legs look pasty! (notice the evil eye my cat is giving? she’s staring at Davis. he desperately wants to be friends, but she disdains his company. so he flicks her off. then she hisses at him. it’s great amusement!)

Now I am working on the other projects that I have going on. And no, I have not cast on for any new projects, though I am still sewing napkins!

0 thoughts on “Finish Line In Sight

  1. Well you be wearing them out in public? I dare you too. And the amusement between the cat and Davis is your’s I am sure. Sounds like Mimi aka Meanie and my brother.


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