Knit Group and Stash Acquisitions

Yesterday was my knit group meeting (although any fiber-y or crafty endeavor would be welcome to join us) and we had a lot of fun!



Jeanie and Jessica were there.


We think Mia came, but we aren’t sure since it was hard to document her presence.

Oh but wait! There was destashing on her part, and everyone went home with something, so I guess she did make it after all!



(This is just what came home with me!) Mia has been cleaning out her house, so we were the lucky recipients (Thank you Mia!). She has also been finishing some quilts she was working on, but I didn’t get any pictures of those. There is a beautiful green one that she dyed the fabric for herself, including at least three others. She is also working on her photography, and had some of her prints and business cards to show. She gets some great shots, some of which she posts on her blog, so you can get some examples from there, or on flickr.

I also got a few things when I went to The Mannings with Jess for our goodbye party.


Mags with lots of projects to add to my list! Interweave has changed some of the things about Knitscene, some of which include the size (now same as most of the rest of the knitting mags) and the spine is not flat with a label (hard to pull off the shelf without sorting through if the rest are going to be like that!) I haven’t had a chance to do more than flip through, so I will tell you if I notice other changes later. I’ll also be posting projects I want to add to my queue. (I need more like I need a hole in my head) (Would a hole make me knit faster, or slower?)



I also got some yarn to make a lace project (although the purple is a bit liter in person) and some alpaca to make… something in the future. I love the colors, and neither is what I typically pick for myself!

0 thoughts on “Knit Group and Stash Acquisitions

  1. If you have added to your stash, than yes I was there.I am still cleaning so your stash may get larger. And thanks for the plug. And the sweater is longer now.


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