A Tale of Bikes and Barns

Davis loves to ride bikes. I got my bike a few years ago so that I could join him in what makes him happy. So occasionally we go out riding together. While we started riding mountain bikes, Davis has been riding on the road a few years now, and I recently started doing so to prepare for the triathlon I did in May.

This weekend we went out together, and I wanted to show you the area near where we live. It starts with getting ready.

Helmet? Check.

Water? Check.

Shoes and gloves? Check.


(Davis will be thrilled that his picture is on the internets yet again. No you will not see one of me, because no one needs to see me in bike shorts.)

We live in a fairly rural area. You might not know that if you only drive around certain areas, but the minute you get off the main roads, you will be guaranteed to see a barn or two.


Most of the barns in the area are older, constructed of wood and have tin roofs, which you will see in all the barns here.


Some barns are used for storage of equipment and machinery. Some barns are used to house animals and equipment. This red one has a donkey and a pony which were not outside the day we went past.

IMG_4966 IMG_4972

There are barns that are bigger than others (this is the same barn from two sides)

And if you go out, you will be able to see barns that are well kept, and others that are forlorn and abandoned.


This poor barn is on the top of a hill surrounded by a growing development. The newer houses help to show up the shabbiness of this structure, and I am sure that as the development continues to grow, it will eventually be pulled down.


It was a beautiful day for a ride. Not too hot, sunny, and not very humid. Hopefully there will be more like this before the end of the summer!

All of these structures are within 5 miles of our house. If you know where one is, then you are close to my house! Stop by and say hi, just don’t freak strangers out by knocking on the wrong door! :o)

0 thoughts on “A Tale of Bikes and Barns

  1. Well I know where you live. And you can come and ride bikes over in my area with relative safety since they are bikers out on the roads all the time. And I do have a photo of you in shorts. Okay not bike shorts but still shorts.


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