One more reason I love my husband is that he and I can get into some pretty deep discussions. Usually they are pretty logical in origin and discussions are conducted in the perception of accurate statements of fact (except for the sea-cow/manatee issue), and tonight’s was no different. At dinner, someone (I cannot remember who now) said that math was science. So for about two hours, Davis and I discussed our positions as whether math is science (Davis’ position) or if mathematicians use the methods of scientific inquiry to add to their body of knowledge (my position). I was interested in learning your thoughts on the subject, or as far as you understand the subject (it is very hard to argue with Davis when he starts discussing his theoretical mumbo-jumbo of empty sets and topographical space).

So, leave a comment. Do you think mathematics is a science?

And because Davis loves his picture flying about the internets…

davis looking smug 12-28-04

Isn’t he smug that he’s such a smarty-pants?!

I do have knitting, I promise. I will talk about it soon! And I may have exciting sewing news tomorrow!

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