Ding Dong!

…the sewing’s done, the sewing’s done! Ding-dong, the wicked sewing’s done!!!!


That, my friends, is 192 napkins that have been hemmed for my sisters wedding. 192 x 4 = 768 hems. I did not sew all of them, as my mom and my grandmother helped, but I sewed the majority.

They are heavy! In fact, they weigh over twenty (twenty!!) pounds. I weighed them to make sure…

Here, I think you need a better perspective of exactly how many there are. The wine glass was needed for comparison (and to help get me through!)


Ahhhhhhh!… now I can get on with all of the other sewing projects I want to do!

Never mind, I have to make brides-maids presents (*sigh*)

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