Of Course it Was a Lie!

I had the best of intentions. Really, I wanted to work on all of my WIP’s, but I needed to cast on!

I made this


…for my sister.


You see, she is getting married in a week.


She needed this. (ignore my bow-tying ability. there is a reason i’m not in the flower business)


Even though mom already bought her one.


We all know that store-bought is not the same!

She can throw the other one.

Pattern: Eloping by Abigail van Roode and Kristi Geraci

Yarn: Cascade Silk from Tess Yarns (sport weight)

My sister’s colors are white and black, and technically silver isn’t white, but it was the only think I had in my stash that wasn’t wool!

0 thoughts on “Of Course it Was a Lie!

  1. Very nice. 🙂 She can definitely throw the other one.

    You notice how many people are updating their blogs today and yesterday? I updated mine too, and I went to look at the friends blog thing on Rav, and there were so many. Something in the air globally, maybe?


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