Birthday Down on the Farm

Yesterday we celebrated my birthday with my family and a few friends at my mom and dad’s house.

First, it takes a bit to get there due to it being in a bit of a remote location…


… but once you past most of the fields, you will see their house!


I made rhubarb cake (yes, I made my own birthday cake, and I have been for years… My birthday is always the week of the county fair, and I decorated cakes to enter. They auction them off to make money, and my parents always bought mine for my birthday party at the end of the week. So I was conditioned to make my own cake early on.) and we had a good time eating and talking.


I got some good books and the Yarn Harlot’s 2009 page-a-day calendar, clear clogs for showing off my socks, a self-healing cutting mat, the first year of Craft, and….


.. a new camera! My husband is wonderful! I got some great pictures (I took over 130 just in 2 hours).


0 thoughts on “Birthday Down on the Farm

  1. Well he listened for to you. And you know have your camera. And that wilderness? It looks like cornfields to me. And I always find it strange to have the county and state fairs before harvest is in. I need to start figuring out what I can enter for the photography division in Frederick.


  2. Happy, happy birthday!!! I wish I could have been there to celebrate with you!

    I will be sending you some belated gifts, I think. My brother claims he’s finally going to send me that package of knitting stuff. 🙂


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