Bags for Bridesmaids

Sounds like a non-profit organization doesn’t it? Well, I guess in a way it kinda is! I am not making any profit from this wedding business as it is.

My sister saw some of the bags I made for gifts and my shop one day this year and thought it would be a great idea to make the other bridesmaids bags as their gifts. I took her fabric shopping one day and we picked out a bunch of coordinating fabrics, and she discussed styles she thought people would like. It took us all day (because we drove around Lancaster for most of it. They no longer have any fabric stores in Lancaster… one time Google has lied to me!) but I got ideas for all of them.

Then I began the saga of the never-ending napkins. Since I finished them last week, I have been working on bags. I have made all of the following without a pattern, using the construction techniques I have been learning and inspirations from various items I have seen before.


This is a simple tote, with a beautiful rose lining.



This bag is rounded at the corners and has a cute tie for a closure.



And this clutch is made from pre-shirred fabric. And it has my first zipper that I have sewn since my senior prom dress!


Overall I am getting better at my sewing skills. I like how new projects challenge my ability to see the problems from different angles. Best of all, I think my sister is happy with them. I just have one more to do!

0 thoughts on “Bags for Bridesmaids

  1. WOW! When I was in my sister’s wedding, my only obligation was to call bingo numbers at the shower… upon recollecting, I think I’d rather have been making bags!


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