Be Nice!

I came across Operation Nice yesterday. This blog was started to help remind people that ‘a little nice goes a long way’. Melissa posts reader stories about being nice, gives assignments, and shares news about people being nice. It’s a great idea, and even those of us who are polite and helpful can get in a slump once in a while that we need a push out of!


0 thoughts on “Be Nice!

  1. I’m often saddened by how surprised people are when confronted with niceness. I’m not the nicest person in the world (I am a lawyer, after all), but I do try to treat people with kindness. One day, I was parked in a local shopping center lot, and on my way out to the car, a woman chased me down to tell me that she had bumped my car and dinged the bumper (I was pretty surprised that she told me, actually). But she was really upset, and when I told her not to worry about it, she couldn’t believe that I wasn’t going to go after her for money. It was a little ding, my car is ten years old, and it just wasn’t a big enough deal to worry about. But she just couldn’t understand why I wasn’t nasty about it. Very sad.


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