A party it was…

Napkins, garters, signing squares, and bridesmaids bags all done.

Making a list as she figured out more she needed to do.

2 hours at the hair salon.

500 bobby pins (or what was more accurately 50).

Chipping my nails when I buckled my seatbelt.

Needing four people to get her into her dress.

Having to put on her deodorant and hold her dress while she brushed her teeth.

700 pictures.

Two kegs.

Fireworks at 1 am.



but a new brother-in-law teaching my husband to dance?



0 thoughts on “A party it was…

  1. Yay! You survived!

    I love weddings. I truly do–such joy, such optimism, such love. (We won’t talk about the end of many of those marriages; I still love weddings.) But after serving as a bridesmaid (yet again) for my very last single friend, I’m hoping I never, ever have to do it again. Next time I go to a wedding, I just want to be a guest!


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