In Relax Mode

Now that the wedding is over, I have been doing some therapeutic stuff for myself. First was Saturday at knit group. I watched what I was eating that day (plus I had not eaten much the day before) so I could have a Chocolate Moose Bar (it’s as good as it sounds!) and had a great time. Mia even came and decided it was ok if I take photographic evidence of her being there this time.


I have been doing laundry and cleaning and cooking at my house as well. Davis is happy that his wife is back and not crazy-wedding-crafting-obsessed.

I have been knitting and reading again. I finished a book and a pair of socks today.


The socks are the Beaded Rib Socks I was working on with the STR medium-weight. I still like them, although they have to be blocked because they are a little tight w/o it. And I am very much looking forward to the autumn weather coming, since the days have been cool for the past few days. On Sunday I wanted to wear a sweater and a pair of knitted socks it felt so nice!

So that leaves me with 4 projects still in the works. I hope to finish one or two in the next week before school starts. I also have some sewing projects to complete. Hopefully I will have something new that I finish soon!

0 thoughts on “In Relax Mode

  1. I thought you were going to crop the photo? And did you see the recipe for nice photo on the cover of the cookbook in your box? It is all summer veggies and is a nice veggie recipe.


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