In Pictures….

Today was not a very productive day in terms of creativity. About the only things I have done is cook and take a few pictures.


I like to take pictures of the sky, especially the clouds, because I think clouds and the way light plays around them are very pretty.


I also saw this cute little bee that was on my marigolds. It is shaped like a bumble bee but smaller. It was cute and fuzzy, but I didn’t pet it! :o)


I also took a picture of my cooking today. This table set-up caught my eye. We had focaccia, a tomatoes-from-the-garden salad, and fruit. Oh, and of course a bit of wine!

0 thoughts on “In Pictures….

  1. stephanie, thanks for stopping by at my blog and for your lovely compliment about my kimono sweater – that really tastes like honey 🙂
    go ahead and knit one for yourself, it’s definiely worth your time!
    (and I love that bumblebee-snapshot you took… so vibrant and beautiful!)


  2. Lovely pics Steph 🙂 I take sky/cloud shots all the time – exact same reason. I must have 4 million shots of the sky out my front door (we get a beautiful show when storms roll in & out).


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