Tomato Harvest

I picked a bunch of tomatoes at my mom’s the other day.


Just a few. Need a closer look?





The green one is ripe. It’s supposed to be green!

There were more than that. That was just the first batch.

I haven’t been knitting much lately. I think I did an hour in the past three weeks total. I haven’t sewn anything, and my embroidery has stalled out. I have not been online (over 350 blog posts unread) and I have not been working on all of the ideas that keep popping into my head. I have not been reading my email, but not that there has been anything interesting to read. I have obviously not been blogging! I did finish a book (Odd Thomas, which I highly recommend), but other than that, the only thing I have been doing is cooking.

With the tomatoes I made tomato pie…


Some tomato cucumber salad…


Tomato sauce…


Tomato jam…


And lest you think it is all about the tomatoes, I made dilly beans and froze some swiss chard and dried some apples.IMG_0499

These jars pictured here today were my first attempts at canning. So far 100% success, and I hope I get to continue. Davis is very helpful, and has been very interested in the process. I want to continue to use my canner to make applesauce in the near future when I get some more apples.

So what did I do today?


Started all over with a new batch!

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