Morning Sky

So for school I have to get up much earlier than I did over the summer. Now for some of you, I know that 5am is not early. Others, like Davis, think that that is an ungodly hour and are astonished I manage to make myself do that every day. (He has flex hours. If he wanted to get up at 8, he could do it. As long as he puts the hours in. Wouldn’t that be nice?)

Before students started back, I didn’t have to be at work quite so early, and the sky at 6:30 is pretty.


But now at 5:50, this is what it looks like.


At least I have sunshine when I leave school for the day. Unfortunately that won’t last long, and I will be trapped in darkness all winter. My classroom doesn’t even have windows. On two-hour delays, we marvel at the bright-shiny-hurty thing in the sky!

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