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 Jan 05 Random 007

We got a new dishwasher, back in July, but it didn’t get installed for over a month. It sat in our kitchen while we were still using the old crappy one.

The reason? Whoever built our house was on crack.

The back of the first floor overhangs the foundation by about 2 feet. Since that is where they put a window (I have no problem with the window placement) and obviously the sink must go in front of the window, they put the dishwasher next to the sink. And since the house is not directly over the basement at that point, they had to run the 3″ drain pipe along the cabinet where the dishwasher goes (otherwise it would stick through the bottom of the cabinet.


Can you see the pipe? It is right behind the metal box on the right.

Since older dishwashers were built with metal frame sleds that the dishwasher sat on, it was easy for the people who built the house and installed the dishwasher to bend that metal slightly so that it went past the pipe. You could tell it still warped the dishwasher out of alignment though, because there was a gap on the side. Small, but you could see it if you knew what to look for.

The problem comes when we want a new, better that builder-grade dishwasher. New dishwashers are made entirely of cast plastic, the sleds come straight down off of the tub, and cannot be bent into place. So Davis spent one day sawing off some of the plastic, creating a new wooden leg, and installing the leg to the dishwasher and the dishwasher into place. (You can see the wooden modifications to the left of the pipe above).


Now we have a dishwasher that works great! (I’m only sorry I didn’t get more pics of the process) Way to go hubby!

P.S. – we didn’t know about this problem until they came to install the new one we had already purchased. And if you go shopping for dishwashers, they will not show you the sides of the models so you can be sure you get one that fits. And no company shows their products uninstalled on the web.

0 thoughts on “Hunky Handy Husband

  1. When we got a new dishwasher last year, the installer had to practically rebuild the cabinet and counter to fit it in because of the funky way our kitchen was put together. But since the primary water pipe coming into the kitchen is held in place with an old scrub brush shoved underneath it, I’m never surprised anymore.


  2. Sometimes you have to wonder about how things are installed in older houses. Does this mean Davis is getting tools for Christmas presents? He is the handyman now so he needs some new ones. Or was he the one having to wash dishes?


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