Another Blogless Session…

…with good reason.

Just about the time that I was posting last (almost a month ago!) I was finishing up with the busy, hectic first-month-of-school crazy time that was demanding my attention and energy. And I did post a few times, (I’m actually surprised it wasn’t more than a month ago I last blogged!) but something else started putting a drain on my energy…

noname baby

Just over 2 inches right now, but sucking an incredible amount of energy and adding some nausea as well as some other unpleasant side effects of making a baby. So that is what I have been doing while I have been away, I’m sorry if you felt ignored. I have been posting on a few blogs in the past week, and I have done some knitting but not too much until this weekend, so I will have to show that off sometime soon as well. I’m close to the end of the first trimester, so I’m really hoping that I get some of my energy back like people keep telling me.

Be back soon, promise!

8 thoughts on “Another Blogless Session…

  1. Congrats! And you will get your energy back (well, some of it anyway), one of these days, and then you’ll want to make all kinds of baby stuff! 🙂


  2. Oh, a real picture! SO SO SO SO SO excited for you!

    I’ve had the flu, so of course my MIL had to ask Mike if I was prego. No, just getting fat without the built-in excuse, thanks. 🙂


    ps. Have you finished the Twilight books yet?


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