To Prove I Have Done More Than Sleep

So what have I been doing during my blogless time? (Besides growing a baby?)

Before I knew that there was a baby, I went to the MD Wine Festival, tried a bunch of wine, and bought 8 bottles. 8 bottles that Davis likes to remind me that I won’t be drinking. I told him wine keeps.


I went to my cousin’s bridal shower, bachelorette party, and wedding.


Needless to say we had some fun!

I celebrated my third anniversary and my parents 50th birthdays’ (both of them this year!)


I figured out I can take cool pictures of stuff under the microscopes we see during lab with my camera by aiming it through the lens.


(Snail eggs. I can take video too!)

I helped my mom make butter and cheese


And I went to a few football games.


So I have been busy, just barely keeping up with what I am doing. There has been some knitting, but I need to get some sleep, so I will share that later. With all thrills and woes!

4 thoughts on “To Prove I Have Done More Than Sleep

  1. Holy Moly! Did you say your parents’ 50th birthdays, or did I read that wrong?! I don’t even remember my parents’ 50th birthdays, and my husband just turned 51. I didn’t think I was that much older than you. (Although I am the youngest of five kids and married a man considerably older than I am. Still.)


  2. You know, my MIL, who visited us–AFTER she knew I was pregnant–brought me a bottle of wine! Wishful thinking on her part, I guess, but it will have to wait a while…wine is probably what I’m missing the most. But there will be plenty of time (and need) to drink wine in the years to come, right?


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