That's Better!

Today I made up for the unspeakable creation I made yesterday. I made a lot of food, maybe as a reaction to my horror, or maybe because it is fall and colder outside, so I want to make warm good things inside.

First, I made cranberry biscuits for breakfast. Sooo good! The cranberries are not the kind you buy in your typical grocery store, but ones handpicked by my parents in West Virginia. Believe it or not, there are spots that are wet enough there to have bogs!


Then I made banana bread. I meant to do this today, because our bananas were getting very ripe. I haven’t tried any of it yet though. Davis likes it though.


Then I made molasses-spice cookies. I just found the recipe I made previously. I love these cookies, chewy and tasty!


And for dinner, I made “sausage” pie. This is one of many recipes my mom made off the top of her head. Except this one she remembered how to make!


It’s kitty approved too. She did this as soon as I put it on the table.


She didn’t get any though. Poor kitty.

I think that this makes up for the cool-whip, right?


lest you think all I did was bake today, I washed floors, vacuumed, cleaned the bathroom and kitchen, and found some time to knit. I’m tired and going to bed now!

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