Please snow!

It is winter, and I have no snow! Sure there have been some flurries, but nothing that is sled-worthy! What is winter time and winter temps without snow? So please let there be more of this~


Meanwhile, I have not been knitting. It seems like a monumental task to concentrate on knitting anything. I have been putting off knitting because it seems that most of my projects are at a part that takes more thought than I want to give.

Also, I am loosing my mind. The other day, I went to work, only to realize when I had gotten out of the car, that I had forgotten to put on my shoes, and was still wearing my slippers. (I’m sure you can imagine the ridicule I got at work.) Luckily they are a light brown and went with my outfit, but still, I know it’s because I’ve got baby-brain.

Speaking of which, I’m at 16 weeks and my belly popped out last weekend. So now I look more pregnant than pudgy. Which is good, because all I wanted to do during the pudgy stage was hide my belly under layers of clothes. So instead of pudgy, I looked frumpy.

Anyway, I guess I should stop procrastinating and head out in the cold wind to run errands.

0 thoughts on “Please snow!

  1. Well, we got some snow over on this side of the county line Saturday evening. There is still some hanging around in spots. Of course the roads were a mess and full of idiots.

    And the kids were slippers out in public. And their pajamas too. So you can blame them. I will be starting some baby knitting for you after the holidays. Now that you look preggers, it will be more motivating.


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