Currently shopping for presents. I hate picking out presents when I don’t have a great idea. I don’t want to give someone a so-so gift. I love the fact that you can shop online though! Don’t like wading through other people to get to the gifts you want, plus the selection here can’t be beat!

My knitting mojo is still a lump of lead. I want to knit, but my current projects don’t interest me. So I was thinking… I have been putting off casting on new projects. Maybe, if I cast on something new, that is interesting but simple at the same time, I might shake off these knitterly doldrums.

My project for this test is the following scarf:


(borrowed from Zona

I saw it and loved it! What better way to use up my remnants of yarn! Plus it is pretty, and not plain, and you can pick what color changes are coming! So I’m going to start this in the next few days. Maybe my knitting will ‘pick up’ again!

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