Happy New Year!

I’m back from my jaunt up north, where we had snow, but not while in Toronto! I’ll tell you about my adventures during a heat wave in TO tomorrow.

We spent Christmas and New Year’s at my husband’s aunt and uncles houses. It was nice that we got to spend the extra time with them this year. Davis got me a new bowl that is bigger than my current pyrex bowls because I tend to double batches and it is just a bit much for my previous large bowl to handle. Now that’s not a problem!

He also got me some books, including Franklin Habit’s cartoon book, (of which my favorite is a yarn ball tugging at a woman’s skirt going, ‘mama?’) and “Note to Self’ which is a great book about keeping a journal. I’m only a little way into it so far.

My MIL got me a Amy Butler’s “Little Stitches“, out of which I want to make tons of things for the little one to come! I have to clean my sewing room first, which I started on today. It would definitely help the sewing progress if I can reach the sewing machine.

Speaking of the little one, my belly is really growing!


I’m at 20 weeks, and I have been feeling movements for the past few weeks. Davis finally felt the baby move New Year’s Eve, (after several days of my trying to get him to feel it, until I asked, “Do you know what you are supposed to feel?” He didn’t.) to which he pronounced the experience “weird”.

I finished two books during the trip. The first is “Eat, Pray, Love”, which is about the spiritual journey one woman takes to find God, passion, and balance for herself. It’s not preachy, which she explains early on in the book, as she studies under yogi’s and shamans alike. But it is a great book that talks about her experiences, which are definitely not for everyone, but I’m sure most people who are not 21 will find correlations to things in their lives. I recommend it if you are looking for something that is a fast read, but will make you think.

The second book is “Boomsday“, by Christopher Buckley. This is a fictional story about how a woman in her twenties criticizes the government for foisting taxes on her generation to pay for the debt and social security of the baby-boomers. The book follows the key political figures through what ensues, and while I am sure I missed any number of nuances in the storyline, I thought it was great insight into the convoluted mess that power struggles can cause in Washington. This was not something I would have chosen for myself, but was given to me by a friend, which I am glad I read since it was outside of what I would normally pick up.

As for knitting, I did do a bunch of that, as I have finished one leg on the baby pants I was working on and started the second. I did not get any farther on my scarf, or the other UFO’s I have lying around. It will all get done in due time though.

I hope everyone is recuperated from their holiday season and is looking forward to the year ahead! Hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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