The Death of a Sock

Do you remember the sock that I made of STR that broke?


Now do you remember? Yesterday I cut my knitting and ripped out what was salvageable from the remaining yarn, because I think it might be enough to make a pair of baby socks.


I got three mini-skeins of yarn, I think I can make socks from the smaller two. We will see.

I was very disappointed with this yarn though. I’m sure I walked over something that caused the damage in the first place, however when I was frogging, I kept coming up with areas that were frayed. Some of these areas were not near the damaged zones either! Now, I’m not sure if this is because the yarn is weak, or if I did something to cause this to fray? Since this is the first STR I have used, I am now feeling uneasy about using the rest of the STR in my stash. Anyone have a similar experience?

I also went back to some embroidery, which is turning out cool. I had to free hand my embroidery previously, which I didn’t mind so much, some of it turned out cute, but I wanted a way to copy images from other areas onto fabric. I thought about using the bubble-jet project first, but that seemed messy and time-consuming, so when I found out about iron-transfer pencils, I went strait to the craft stores in my area, only to be disappointed that they didn’t carry them. I went to order them, but realized with Christmas coming up, I could put it on my wish list and lo and behold, they were in my stocking!


I had some problems with the transfer the first time I used the pencils, so I will have to play around. Maybe if I mark the image darker before I transfer it?

I found a tutorial somewhere (can’t remember where now, I should mark these things) about how to color the background of your embroidery with crayons, so I have done that and it’s turning out cool! (image from Sublime Stitching). I’m doing a tea towel, and I’m possibly designing my own images for part of it!

What I am tired of is dark, dreary days where pictures don’t turn out well. Also the cold without the snow. Anyone else craving sunshine?

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