A Little Tart

Last night I made a quiche out of one of my recipe books. I had some leftover pie crusts, which I usually use to make jam crusts (strips with a dollop of jam on them, baked about 5-10 minutes), but there was a bit more leftover crust than usual, and I got the idea to make this little tart.


I simply rolled out the crust, chopped up some dried figs my dad gave me, added some jam, and baked in the oven until the crust started to turn brown. It was good, and Davis liked it so much that he even lamented the lack that there were no tarts tonight.

There was a lot of ice outside today, coating all of the plants. It was really pretty, and I would have liked to get some closer pictures, but it was also raining all day. I opted to stay dry.


I finished my embroidery project I flashed a couple of days ago. I thought I was going to do more on it, however once I got a look at what I had, I decided I liked it how it was, more simple than busy.


I found the crayon tutorial for coloring in your embroidery that I couldn’t remember the other day as well. If you use a waste cloth to press over the crayon, it does get most of the excess off, however I would still put a cloth between the stitching and your iron for a while..

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