New Foods to Drool Over

I found a new cooking blog today. It’s called “Rhymes With Vegan“, and she has some great recipes. She has even created a couple of episodes of a vegan cooking show, which is awesome! I’m not vegan, but I have some great ideas already to head into the kitchen with!

My own cooking could use a pick-me-up. Last night I made stir-fry, which is never the same but usually turns out pretty good. However, last night’s attempt was not very good. It was sorta bland, not really the flavorful meal it turns out to be. I’m sure it is something in the seasonings, but I’m not sure which thing, since I did a few things differently. I hate when my cooking turns out ho-hum! It is such a let-down since usually I’m pretty good at making tasty things! (I’m not saying my cooking is stellar, just mostly satisfying with a few stars thrown in for good measure)

I want to take a cooking class, but preferably one that is vegetarian. Anybody know of any resources in the Baltimore/D.C. area?

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