It's Not Too Late to Start Now!

As I am less than 10 days from fulfilling my goal of buying books for a whole year (Read it! 358 days without buying books for me!), I am thinking of revamping my list for the 101 days. I was considering at first that this might be against the ‘rules’, but a) these are my goals, and who is going to lock me up if I do things my own way? and b) no one stays the same, not from day to day or year to year, and with the big changes coming up in my life, my priorities are shifting (babies will do that, I’m told), hence my goals would probably change as well.

So I have been rethinking what I want to accomplish in the remaining 600+ days left of my 101 challenge. Here are some of the items I’m thinking I want to add or change about my list:

  • Have a baby (definitely going to take some effort on my part, so I think it counts)
  • Plant mums around the house in fall of 09
  • Put together a cookbook
  • Paint nursery
  • Sew a diaper bag
  • Hang wind chimes I was given 3 years ago.

Some of the things I don’t think I want to do anymore include:

  • Design a shawl
  • Finish the ninja mask I was working on
  • Write lesson plans over the summer
  • Keep a food journal

Plus, there are lots of things on my list that I still want to do, however I don’t know that I want to do them right now. I want to continue crafting, and make a business out of it, however I don’t know what direction I want to head in. I would like to make more stuff for myself, and I’m not sure how much time I will have in the future for these things. I have tons of ideas but not as much follow-through, which I need to work on.

And then yesterday, over on futuregirl’s blog, I read about her challenge for herself about her crafting. She echoed some of the same thoughts I was having about the amount of crafting stuff that I have.


Do I really need more fabric? (Especially cottons?)


Do I need more embroidery supplies?


Or yarn?

There have always been those who have said ‘Of course you can never have enough’, but in the light of my desire to consume less and be more environmentally aware, I think I have enough things to use now. This is a personal choice for me. Plus I have so many unfinished projects lying around, I probably am having problems with committing to my crafting pursuits since I do have so many choices.


So I am going to commit to using only crafting supplies from my stash. My only fall back is to spend $50 this year in case I need small supplies to finish projects. (I’m doing a bit more that futuregirl due to the fact that I don’t know if I can finish all of the projects with less than that. I will try to keep it under control though.) I put a section on my sidebar to keep track. If I can wait this long for books, I can wait a while to buy more stuff I’m not using.

I know I have all of the supplies needed to finish the projects I have started. I have everything I need to make the stuff I want for the baby. I might have some problems with MD Sheep & Wool, but I can control my urges, just pet the pretty stuff, right?!



Ok, so my $50 does not cover major repair costs, right?! I was working on a reusable bag, and my sewing machine started having problems catching the bobbin thread, causing a tangle at the back of the work! Grrr! I have tried to clean it, but it didn’t fix the problems. So, now I have to pay for repairs.

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