Earth Friendly and all that

So that sewing that was giving me trouble with my machine was a reusable tote bag to use when I go to the store or where ever.


I got the fabric preprinted, but on sale so they were not too expensive, so I could make some more totes for Hubby and I. We have a few bags, but most are purchased from grocery stores, and are that plastic-y thin fabric, hard to repair when they rip, and don’t hold up for too terribly long (although I have had them for over a year). I have been wanting to make more, and these are a nice thick canvas which will hold up well and be easy to repair. Now I have to make a few more. The sewing is quick, and since they are printed on the canvas, they are pretty easy to cut out, which is good because it is getting harder to sit on the floor and bend over cutting things out with my belly :o) Guess I better cut out the rest of the baby stuff I want to sew, before it gets too cumbersome!

BTW: Congratulations go out to Miss Scarlet! She is the winner of the baby clothing pattern give-away! Let me know what you make, I’m sure it will be cute!

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