Updated Part 3 – Paradise

Sorry to taunt all of you* who have been stuck in the cool and cold climates of North America recently, but I had an opportunity and I couldn’t resist.

A friend of ours decided that they were getting married in St. Thomas. So hubby and I hopped on a plane last weekend, and jetted to a Caribbean island for an extended weekend get-away.


80 degree weather, crystal clear water, blue sky, and sand!


This was our beach at the resort.


There were some athletic activities in addition to sunbathing.


Also some fire-dancers that put on a show.

We went snorkeling as well, but didn’t have an underwater camera. It was awesome! We saw lots of fish, a variety of coral, sea urchins, anemones, some squid, and even a sea turtle! The following pictures are from an underwater observatory we visited:


There was a bunch of other land-based life as well that was beautiful (in February!). Click to embiggen.


The actual wedding was held on a terrace over looking the bay behind the resort. They couldn’t have asked for a nicer day.


Don’t they look happy? Why shouldn’t they, they just got married in paradise!


Then the guests all went for a sail


to watch the sunset.


It was great, and both hubby and I had a great time. We are sad that we had to come home though, hopefully it will be warm here soon!



*not actually sorry at all. you wouldn’t be either if you could travel to the Caribbean!

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