Progress and Color

My knitting is growing slowly but surely. The baby pants I am making are getting closer to having the same length leg, although there is still a bit to go.


The stripes are lining up pretty well, which I was worried about after I started the second leg.IMG_1584

The scarf is growing also, about double the width it was before. Now it is a whole two inches wide!IMG_1585 IMG_1591

Part of the reason it takes so long to grow is how long the scarf is going to be. I can’t tell precisely the length as it gets bunched up over the needles, even on two 23″ cables! Safe to say, this scarf is going to be exactly what I wanted; A long, colorful, thin-fabric scarf that I can wrap a bunch of times around my neck or leave hanging past my coat!

I have been playing with which color comes next. I purchased a sample pack from Sharing on Etsy a while ago, and decided to use them in this scarf, since I can get a number of rows out of them. She makes shorter color repeats, so you get variation over the length of the scarf. So at different spots you can see different colors. I can’t wait to wear this one!

0 thoughts on “Progress and Color

  1. The baby pants adorable! I love the stripes. What yarn are you using?

    Also, the scarf is looking awesome! I want more details, like yarn and pattern.


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