A bit of a jag..

For the past few weeks, all I want to do is knit lace. And not any lace, but shawls and complicated wraps. I have been adding lace to my queue on Ravelry like crazy, if anyone has been looking there. (I think I added about 10 in the past few weeks.)

But then I read Gryphon‘s blog, and she had a St. Paddy’s Day post. And what new goodies is she offering, besides green yarn?




It is The Clovers Shawl (rav link), and is beautiful, just the green I am currently being drawn to, intricate enough to be a challenge, (more, I’m sure I’m understating it) and lace!

The pattern calls for sock yarn, but I was thinking maybe I could adjust the gauge and repeats a bit (you know, add some maths to make it harder), and make it from some lace-weight.


Or maybe hold two strands together?

Or maybe I’ll have to jump someone for some green sock yarn! (Because I have to make this shawl green)

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