'Dem's Small Potatoes!

At the grocery store recently, they had fingerling potatoes on sale. That was good. What was better is that they came in purple! I love purple potatoes, not because there is much special about flavor or anything, I just think the color is so cool!

I made some boiled herb potatoes out of one batch, the other I made Crash Hot Potatoes. These are great if you haven’t tried them yet!


The only problem with the purple potatoes in this recipe is that you can’t quite tell if they are browning in the oven. (Kinda blends into the purple!) However I think if you just turn the oven off and leave them in a few more minutes if you aren’t sure won’t hurt the results any.

Just to prove that these are good, this is what the pan looked like at the end of dinner.


And that was my biggest pan! Davis ate most, but I had my fair share!

The other thing I have done is dried some fruit this month. Bananas and pineapple have been on sale, so I put them in my dehydrator and get some yummy, naturally sweet snacks to eat! If you have not made your own dried fruit, I have to recommend it. They are so much better than any store-bought kinds that have preservatives in them. All you do is chop, place in the dryer, and turn it on. Most fruits would be finished within 12 hours.


The only problem I have with this is that two pineapples makes less than a pint of dried fruit! (That’s a little less than half a liter for those metric people!)

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