Taking it Easy

This weekend I overworked myself, pushing past my prego limits (because I hate admitting that I can’t do as much as I was before), then realized that the itch in my throat was not from having to stand up and teach a class after not doing so for over two months, but from nasty bacteria that I probably got from teaching dirty, dirty teenagers (most of them are not actually dirty, but they all seem to be sick this winter!).  So I wrote some sub plans for a few days and took it easy. I did some knitting and T.v. watching, which I haven’t done in a while. I also played around with a few card ideas I have been thinking about recently. I can’t remember which blog I got the ideas from, so if you know feel free to put a mention in the comments.


I used some cards I already had printed for another use, so the text isn’t great. I like the flowers, but I think I would change the text to make it larger and more centered on the card. The butterflies I’m not sure what I could do. I played around a bunch before I glued them down. Maybe if I reversed the gradient it would look better, but I’m not sure. I would also change the font size on that one as well. Maybe there are too many butterflies.


And I know it has been a bit warmer in these parts (still below freezing some mornings), but my cat still thinks it isn’t tolerable yet. She continues to find warm places to sleep.

0 thoughts on “Taking it Easy

  1. Wow, so jealous of your cat right now. I am cold and having a tired day. That’s exactly where I want to be! Instead of waiting for a phone meeting.

    I like the cards!


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